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Game Rules / Objective

Insert the letters of the alphabet A through Z into the grid according to the rules below.

For each new puzzle there are seed letters already in place which cannot be moved.

Rule 1: Each new letter that you place must be either next to, directly above, directly below or on a diagonal adjacent to the previous letter of the alphabet; i.e., "D" must be next to "C"; "C" must be next to "B" etc… [ADJACENT RULE]

Rule 2: Once you place a letter in any 2x2 Box, you must finish filling in that Box before placing a letter in a new Box. [BOX RULE]

Rule 3: Any row or column may contain only one vowel (A, E , I , O , U or Y) [VOWEL RULE]

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Top Ten Players

  • Watergoat [Score 1053]
  • Puzzler [Score 1041]
  • annabanana [Score 1027]
  • Watergoat [Score 992]
  • TampaMom [Score 799]
  • Puzzler [Score 791]
  • pattico [Score 786]
  • TampaMom [Score 762]
  • TampaMom [Score 638]
  • TanuvasaMama [Score 560]

T=Time L=Level C=Checks E=Errors

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<<< Beginner Puzzles

If you are new to Mentagy then you should try at least a few of the Beginning puzzles first. The puzzles in this level have more seed letters, which act as clues that help you figure out where to begin and which direction to go when solving Mentagy puzzles. The additional letters will help even the novice understand the concept of this mind challenging game. After becoming familiar with the Mentagy rules a score of 90 is about average for the Beginning puzzles. Breaking 200 at the Beginning level shows that your skill is above average and that it's time to move onto the next level.

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<<< Intermediate Puzzles

Puzzles at the Intermediate level usually have fewer seed letters than the Beginning puzzles. Some Intermediate puzzles have "Clue Words" that must appear in the puzzle solution. These words may appear in the puzzle grid in any direction, right to left, vertical, diagonal, etc. The average score for Intermediate puzzles is around 240. Scores higher than 350 at the Intermediate level show that you are well on your way to reaching a real understaning of the strategy behind these Mentagy puzzles.

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<<< Advanced Puzzles

The Advanced puzzles have very few Seed letters, usually not more than one or two. Some have none. Almost every Advanced puzzle has one or more clue words. The average score for Advanced Mentagy puzzles is in the range of 250 to 300. Breaking 500 at the Advanced level is quite an acheivemnt, showing great skill at Mentagy and with problem solving in general. It will probably take some practice before you acheive that skill level.

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<<< Expert Puzzles

Expert Mentagy puzzles have no seed letters. This creates an additional challenge as there is no obvious starting place in the grid. There are always Clue Words. You may need to use all of your creativity, intuition and deductive powers in order to narrow down the likely locations for the clue words. Most people who reach the skill level necessary to solve the Expert Mentagy puzzles have mastered the basic Mentagy strategies and have devised their own methods and tricks for solving these extremely challenging puzzles. But you don't need to be a member of Mensa to solve these. You do need patience and lots of practice. Once players reach the Expert level the average scores range from 300 to 350. Any score over 650 at the Expert level shows that you are really catching on to the subtleties of Mentagy puzzles. At the Expert level a score of 900 is quite an acheivement, attained by the few who have worked hard over a number of weeks to master the Mentagy puzzle strategies. Breaking 1000 at the Expert level is something to strive for. It is a worthy accomplishment, akin to earning an Olympic Gold Medal. Reaching this score consistently will be attained only rarely by a few people who work hard on Mentagy and are intellectual rivals of Robert Nash, Stephen Hawking, Bobby Fischer, Gary Kasparov or some other mathematical or chess geniuses.

Game List

Solving the puzzle

When you solve a puzzle, a Score is calculated based on the time taken to solve the puzzle, along with the level of difficulty, the number of times you check for errors and the total number of errors after each check. A better score is earned if you do fewer checks and take a shorter time to solve a puzzle. If your score qualifies, your name will be listed in the Top 10 for that puzzle. Once you solve a puzzle you can go back and solve it again. But your first score for that puzzle is the only one that “counts.”

Quick Start

Beginners can learn the basics and then sharpen their Mentagy skills with this offline version. You simply download the puzzle to your computer then print it out. Complete with instructions and tips these puzzles will help give you the boost you need to get yourself off to a good start and perhaps even appear on the top players scoreboard.   Download here...

More to come...

Besides playing Mentagy puzzles online, you can buy a book that has 101 Mentagy puzzles that you can solve with a pencil (and eraser) whenever you want. There is also a hardwood version of the puzzle available. Please see the Merchandise Page for more information.

Game Play Instructions / Rules / Tips / Tutorial

Each Mentagy puzzle starts with a 36 cell grid divided into nine boxes. There are ten blank cells and one or more given letters, which change with each new puzzle. Instructions Link