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Game Rules / Objective

Insert the letters of the alphabet A through Z into the grid according to the rules below.

For each new puzzle there are seed letters already in place which cannot be moved.

Rule 1: Each new letter that you place must be either next to, directly above, directly below or on a diagonal adjacent to the previous letter of the alphabet; i.e., "D" must be next to "C"; "C" must be next to "B" etcÖ [ADJACENT RULE]

Rule 2: Once you place a letter in any 2x2 Box, you must finish filling in that Box before placing a letter in a new Box. [BOX RULE]

Rule 3: Any row or column may contain only one vowel (A, E , I , O , U or Y) [VOWEL RULE]

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Top Ten Players

  • Watergoat [Score 1053]
  • Puzzler [Score 1041]
  • annabanana [Score 1027]
  • Watergoat [Score 992]
  • TampaMom [Score 799]
  • Puzzler [Score 791]
  • pattico [Score 786]
  • TampaMom [Score 762]
  • TampaMom [Score 638]
  • TanuvasaMama [Score 560]

T=Time L=Level C=Checks E=Errors

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Brain Training With Mentagy

Why play Mentagy?

Mentagy will help keep your mind sharp. †Scientific studies show that just as you benefit from physical exercise, doing puzzles at any age provides a workout for your brain. † Read more...

The puzzle rules are easy to learn.  Unlike Sudoku or crossword puzzles, the beginning puzzles can be solved in minutes.  For those who like a challenge, the higher level puzzles involve all kinds of strategies.  Part of the fun in solving Mentagy puzzles is discovering the techniques yourself.

Playing Mentagy requires Logic, Critical Thinking, Imagination and Creativity. † † Read more...

You'll be addicted

This is a really cool puzzle type game invented by someone I know. Check it out! You'll be addicted like I am. Enjoy! Michele Chow

NEW! YouTube Videos a big hit at the New York Fair

Several people at the NY Toy Fair were very impressed with it. We have posted them here so you can see the benefit of having this game wherever you go. Videos >>

Sample Puzzle

    V S    
Z W        
  J       A

Sample Puzzle Solution

 Y X V S R  
Z W  U T Q  
      P E  
  M N O F
L J   G C A
K H   B  

Lets get started

You can play Mentagy as a Member or a Guest. You do not have to sign up to play Mentagy.  You can select from a list of puzzles and play as a guest. Members however can record their stats (time, puzzle level, checks, and errors) and leave Feedback for other players to see. Only the best player scores (Members Only) are displayed on the leader board on the left. † If you are new to Mentagy we recommend that you take some time and get yourself acquainted with the game rules and tips on the Instructions Link page before you play the timed version of the puzzle.

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Fantastically made game

My children's Chess Coach created this puzzle. You can play it online, buy a wooden peg board (which is fantastically made), or buy a paper book to do them in. If you or your kids enjoy logic puzzles you will love this! Melissa Perez

Quick Start

Beginners can learn the basics and then sharpen their Mentagy skills with this offline version. You simply download the puzzle to your computer then print it out. Complete with instructions and tips these puzzles will help give you the boost you need to get yourself off to a good start and perhaps even appear on the top players scoreboard. † Download here...

Put Mentagy in your hands:

Some of you may already know that Mentagy was originally developed to help Coach Allyn Kahnís chess students. Allyn used the wooden game board as a tool to explain chess concepts and sharpen his studentís chess skills. Many of his young chess players now sit at the champions table at local club and scholastic tournaments while extremely proud parents watch their children put what they have learned to the ultimate test.

Even if you do not play chess, Mentagy appeals to all ages. More recently we learned that Mentagy is an effective Occupational Therapy tool. The wooden Mentagy puzzle has been successfully used as a treatment for recovering stroke patients as well as others with conditions involving motor skill and cognition challenges. An excerpt of the OTís report can be found on the Practice Puzzle Page.

This original game board is available from this website and it makes an ideal gift for people from ages five to one hundred.


The Mentagy puzzle will make a unique Christmas gift. While the Mentagy book is available at Amazon and other bookstores, you won't find this artistically constructed wooden puzzle anywhere else online. When you give the book along with the wooden puzzle, you are giving someone hours of fun.

Mentagy is the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays or any occasion, for people who like to use their mind. If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes doing crossword puzzles, playing chess or Scrabble, solving Sudoku, word search, logic puzzles or brain teasers, they will love Mentagy.

A PERFECT MENTAL BREAK (Better than Starbucks!)

This puzzle gives your mind a perfect break during times when you are commuting to work, riding in an airplane, or stuck in a waiting room with nothing to do but read the newspaper or stare at old magazines.

Doing Mentagy puzzles will allow you to occupy your mind with something useful to do, and let you escape from your everyday thoughts about finances, the failing Euro, the stock market, the price of gold or oil, politics, elections, debates, or whatever else the news media is covering. Doing Mentagy puzzles can put you in a mental zone that will actually raise your spirits so that when you solve a puzzle you will feel mentally refreshed, just as if you had a delicious cup of hot coffee.


Remember that Mentagy is great for all ages. Young people enjoy the challenge. Kids enjoy using their minds to figure out the solution. Adults love Mentagy because they know it helps keep their brain sharp.

Doing a Mentagy puzzle every day is a great way to exercise your brain. It is easy to learn the puzzle rules. The Beginner puzzles can be solved in just a few minutes. The harder Mentagy puzzles take longer to figure out. But once you solve one, you will want to do more.

Fabulous Brain Game

Beyond any doubt Mentagy will soon be the new gold standard of brain teaser type puzzles. Daniel Chow