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Game Rules / Objective

Insert the letters of the alphabet A through Z into the grid according to the rules below.

For each new puzzle there are seed letters already in place which cannot be moved.

Rule 1: Each new letter that you place must be either next to, directly above, directly below or on a diagonal adjacent to the previous letter of the alphabet; i.e., "D" must be next to "C"; "C" must be next to "B" etc… [ADJACENT RULE]

Rule 2: Once you place a letter in any 2x2 Box, you must finish filling in that Box before placing a letter in a new Box. [BOX RULE]

Rule 3: Any row or column may contain only one vowel (A, E , I , O , U or Y) [VOWEL RULE]

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Playing Mentagy


can be thought of as a set of reasoning tools that are used to make decisions when there are a limited number of choices and variables. For example if you are in a clothing store trying to choose which of three shirts to buy, you may decide to buy one shirt rather than either of the other two because its color matches most of the clothes that you already own, while the other two shirts do not match any of your clothes.

When solving the Beginning Mentagy Puzzle you are given a clear starting point. After placing the first few letters in the alphabet you are presented with several choices for placing the next letter. Suppose you are presented with three choices. Using Logic, you reject one choice because it leads to a dead end, while a second choice is rejected as it violates one of the puzzle rules. This process of elimination, one of the many tools of logic, leads you to try the third choice.


can be thought of as a reasoning process that involves a great number of variables and multiple sources of information. Solving a problem using critical thinking involves using logic, checking the credibility of information, and carefully weighing the consequences of each decision. People use critical thinking when making complex decisions like making a major purchase, selecting a school for their child, or choosing a business partner.

When solving the Mentagy Puzzles that are beyond the beginning level, you need to figure out the possible locations where a certain word fits into the puzzle grid. This process requires logic to eliminate most of the choices and critical thinking to narrow the choices down to a manageable size.


are used to “think outside the box” and figure out new ways to solve difficult problems or formulate plans like choosing a career, constructing a marketing strategy or designing an educational program. When solving the Advanced and Expert Mentagy Puzzles there are few or no letter clues to guide you. One needs to use creativity and imagination in order to mentally visualize different ways of placing a configuration of multiple clue words into the puzzle grid. One also uses imagination and critical thinking to plan ahead and visualize the outcomes of the diverse choices. When you first try to solve the advanced and expert puzzles there may seem to be no possible way to start until you look into the puzzle more deeply and creatively. In some Mentagy Puzzles there may seem to be too many options, with no hint as to the optimal place to begin. However, perseverance, creativity, imagination and critical thinking can eventually lead to the most fruitful strategies for solving the puzzle.