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Game Rules / Objective

Insert the letters of the alphabet A through Z into the grid according to the rules below.

For each new puzzle there are seed letters already in place which cannot be moved.

Rule 1: Each new letter that you place must be either next to, directly above, directly below or on a diagonal adjacent to the previous letter of the alphabet; i.e., "D" must be next to "C"; "C" must be next to "B" etc… [ADJACENT RULE]

Rule 2: Once you place a letter in any 2x2 Box, you must finish filling in that Box before placing a letter in a new Box. [BOX RULE]

Rule 3: Any row or column may contain only one vowel (A, E , I , O , U or Y) [VOWEL RULE]

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Top Ten Players

  • Watergoat [Score 1053]
  • Puzzler [Score 1041]
  • annabanana [Score 1027]
  • Watergoat [Score 992]
  • TampaMom [Score 799]
  • Puzzler [Score 791]
  • pattico [Score 786]
  • TampaMom [Score 762]
  • TampaMom [Score 638]
  • TanuvasaMama [Score 560]

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A Mind-Expanding Strategy Puzzle

"Mentagy is an innovative and fascinating puzzle that not only amuses and challenges, but helps one to keep an active mind and strengthens mental skills that we increasingly need more of to stay competitive, such as reasoning, memory, analysis and strategy development. Mentagy represents one of the most simple yet transformative game puzzles to have been developed in recent years." Solomon Nabatiyan, Phd
Co-Founder & Senior Research Scientist
CerviaDx, a medical technology company

Mentagy is easy to learn

Put Mentagy in your hands

Mentagy is a strategic puzzle for all ages. The book and wood version of the Mentagy puzzle you see here can be purchased through this link.

Other Videos and demonstrations

These additional videos were created and edited by Allyn and his associates. They prove without a doubt that Mentagy is a fascinating puzzle.

While maintaining an engine can be as simple as taking it to your mechanic your brain can be maintained by selectively challenging individual cognitive faculties. Yes scientists have started to realize that brain function is still capable of improvement, even with age. Working your memory is one of the best ways that memory is improved. And you can do this by game play.

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