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Game Rules / Objective

Insert the letters of the alphabet A through Z into the grid according to the rules below.

For each new puzzle there are seed letters already in place which cannot be moved.

Rule 1: Each new letter that you place must be either next to, directly above, directly below or on a diagonal adjacent to the previous letter of the alphabet; i.e., "D" must be next to "C"; "C" must be next to "B" etc… [ADJACENT RULE]

Rule 2: Once you place a letter in any 2x2 Box, you must finish filling in that Box before placing a letter in a new Box. [BOX RULE]

Rule 3: Any row or column may contain only one vowel (A, E , I , O , U or Y) [VOWEL RULE]

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  • Watergoat [Score 992]
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Why Play Mentagy

A Message From the Author

MENTAGY is a mental strategy puzzle that is fun to do and will sharpen your mind.

This new puzzle is easy to learn and will provide hours of entertainment. If you enjoy solving logic puzzles, then Mentagy may soon become your favorite. The easier puzzles take just a few minutes to solve while the harder ones may take 20 minutes or more to figure out.

Solving Mentagy puzzles is not only fun, but very beneficial to your brain health.

Numerous studies have shown that the brain continues to produce new neural networks no matter what your age. Just as it is important to exercise the muscles in your body, your brain needs exercise too. The original purpose for the invention of Mentagy was to help chess students improve their decision-making skills. But it was soon discovered that solving Mentagy puzzles has numerous benefits beyond the game of chess. These benefits will help you whether you are a third grade student, a young entrepreneur, a college graduate or a retired senior.

The proof is in the science

There are several scientific studies that conclude that playing games and solving puzzles can keep you sharp as you get older. These studies have been reported in credible sources like The New England Journal of Medicine and are summarized in USA Today. Here is a conclusion from a Mayo Clinic report: If you continue to learn and challenge yourself your brain continues to grow, literally. An active brain produces new connections between brain cells. This helps your brain store and retrieve information more easily.

You can solve the puzzles on the website any time day or night. Or you can buy a book of over 100 Mentagy puzzles .

Can't get online, Play Mentagy Anytime.

You can take this Mentagy puzzle book anywhere. These puzzles can be solved while in a doctor's waiting room, on a plane, or while on a break from work or school. Solving Mentagy puzzles gives you a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. You will find the rules easy to learn. If you are an experienced puzzle solver you may even find the Beginning puzzles too easy. If that happens just move on to the next puzzle level. Whether you are completely new to logic puzzles or you are a puzzle expert and Mensa member, there are challenges here for everyone. Here is your chance to try something new that is sure to be a fun way to exercise your brain!